Christian Voss

Oboenatelier Voss


The instruments

Howarth Oboes: XL, XM, S50c, S40c, S20c, Junior
Howarth Cor Anglais S40
Howarth Oboe d’Amore XL (body in Cocobolo)
Marigaux Oboe mod. 901 und 2001
Lorée Oboe mod. Etoile
Lorée Cor Anglais
Lorée Oboe d’Amore
Buffet-Crampon Oboe Prestige and Orfeo, body in Grenadil or Greenline
Fossati Oboe mod. Tiery

Further new and second hand instruments of makers as Yamaha, Mönnig, Bulgheroni, Rigoutat, Patricola, Josef, Dupin on inquiry.

A regulary updated list of second hand instruments you find on

Rental instruments, new or regulary serviced in perfect condition:
Oboe Howarth Junior, S20c, S40c
Cabart „Petites Mains“
Oboe Rigoutat Delphine
Oboe Yamaha Modell 421
Oboe Bulgheroni
Cor Anglais Lorée
Oboe d’Amore Lorée

Reeds for Oboe, Oboe d’Amore, Cor Anglais
„K.Ge Doublereeds“
for your complete satisfaction with K.GE reeds I offer you a perfect service:
• „Student Artist Reeds“ Oboe: every reed tested by myself.
• „Professional Reeds“: every reed is tested by myself and will be exchanged if not satisfied.
• Visit us in the shop and select the perfect reed yourself.

Tube cane and processed cane
„K.GE Doublereeds“
up to 10 years seasoned tube cane in stock, gouged cane, shapes, blank reeds.
Shaped cane for Oboe, Oboe d’Amore and Cor anglais.

tools, machines, material for reedmaking, care and maintenance materials, instrument cases, reed cases of many brands in our shop:
Graf, Herdim, D.W.K, Klawus, K.GE, Lorée, Pisoni, Chiarugi, Glotin, D.H.Back, Kölbl, BAM, M. Bonna, Chudnow, Guercio, Reeds’nd Stuff,